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Chris Fernie

Insatiable curiosity has caused me to spend the better half of my life tying to answer the question “What causes people to experience life as full and satisfying”. After much training and deliberation, my answer to this question is that each person must have the strength, freedom and stability to unfold their potential in the way that they wish it to unfold. I have watched and seen too many times as people try to do this and falter because of ill health, emotional instability and lack of mental clarity.

There are all manner of problems that can beset any one of us, therefore a solid practice which can protect and enable us to reach our goal is invaluable. That foundation must offer a person a way to maintain physical health, emotional presence and mental clarity in the face of difficulties that arise. However it is not enough to find these qualities; we must sustain and develop these until the end of our life in order to move through the years with grace, dignity and freedom.

My search to answer the question “What causes us to experience life as full and satisfying” led me to travel the world studying under masters from a myriad of traditions including studying with three Qigong masters over fourteen years, the works of Feldenkrais, Yoga, Chinese medicine, body work and martial arts. Each practice contained profound realizations but no single practice provided a satisfactory answer.

It was through my own experience of these studies that I found a way to answer the question. My system provides the essential tools that will enable every individual to develop the foundational elements that lead to the fulfillment of ones path by avoiding the pitfalls of life such as chronic sickness, emotional collapse and mental rigidity.

Over the years, my teaching style has evolved. With each year, I get closer and closer to reaching my goal of creating a way for everyone, regardless of age, current health, or energy level, to receive the benefits from this practice.

I have apprenticed under three renowned QiGong masters all of whom have certified me to teach. I am currently one of the only  instructors of Taijiwuxigong in the United States. Taijiwuxigong is a specific medical system of Qigong voted as the most effective system at the 1998 World Conference on Medical Qigong.

I am also a Hua gong instructor

I combine my extensive knowledge of martial arts, the Feldenkrais Method, yoga, Buddhism and many other spiritual and healing practices to help people.


  • Qigong Healing, Buqi Institute, London England
  • Teaching permission in Taijiwuxigong
  • Teaching permission Hua Gong
  • Certified Shen Qi instructor by Master A. Wang,
  • Black Belt Taekwondo
  • Over 20 years training in Taijiquan, Wing Chun and Hapkido
  • Certified Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Chinese Medicine, British School of Shiatsu
  • Feldenkrais Practitioner
  • Anat Banial Method Practitioner
  • Iyenagar and Shivananda Yoga study (3 years India and UK)
  • L’ecole du couer, Arizona , lead co-instructor 6 years
  • Theravadan Buddhist training under Bikku Buddhadasa (Thailand)
  • Anat Banial Method for Children Practitioner