Who Can Benefit?
Private treatment sessions are offered to help individuals with special needs eliminate binqi from the body. When binqi accumulates, it causes pain, stiffness, soreness, depression, moodiness, and/or poor health. Treatments can alleviate suffering caused by a variety of ailments but have been particularly successful in treating repetitive strain injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, asthma, gastritis, arthritis, chronic pain, shock due to accidents, joint stiffness or soreness, emotional trauma, and/or a compromised immune system.

Individual instruction can also be given to students who desire special instruction on a particular goal, or have not succeeded in eliminating deep binqi within a group instruction setting.

A Typical Treatment
An initial session generally begins with an analysis of the overall health and disposition of the client, including a discussion about the history, development, and nature of the client’s issue. Following this analysis, treatment focuses on removing binqi (accumulated toxins resulting from stagnation and imbalance) from the body. In the West, this is equivalent to moving stagnant intra-muscular body fluids.  In addition to removing the binqi, Chris observes habitual movement patterns and various forces within the body, such as breath, gravitational force, and Dantien force, seeking to restore balance and ease of movement.

The treatment method is tailored to the needs of each client. Some methods require a light touch; others no physical contact at all. Work is performed in standing, sitting, and reclined positions depending on method used. As muscles release and the body realigns itself, the body can shift into new movement patterns, but no “forceful” adjustments are ever given.

Many people experience a marked and often immediate reduction in pain after a treatment session.  During this window of opportunity, an individual can begin to explore and anchor alternative movement patterns that help maintain ease and freedom in day-to-day life. As the body integrates less stressful ways of moving, less binqi is generated and therefore pain and illness are reduced.

Developing Self-Sufficiency
The IIT strongly advocates self-sufficiency and self-healing. Though it is initially beneficial to have individual treatment sessions, it is essential for people to learn how to employ these principles independently and move towards self-sufficiency. In this vain, group workshops are available on a variety of topics designed to give people the tools to employ the forces within the body more constructively and improve overall health and well-being. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving information on these workshops as they come available.

Set Up a Treatment Session
Contact the IIT at info@internaltransformation.com

Sessions are given in Berkeley and are $150 for approximately 55 minutes. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.