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Who Can Benefit
Everyone can benefit from this practice. Each person possess a latent, self-actualizing ability–one which when cultivated through the practice of Qigong, improves physical health and vitality, increases emotional stability and enables total connection and nourishment from the environment.

The goal of practice is to create more effortless, pain-free movement patterns, reduce negative emotional patterns, and clear the way for a deeper connection to one’s core.  Most people will experience an increase in quality of life.

Benefits of Practice:

  • Total health through harmony of the mind, body, and spirit
  • Elimination of toxins and tensions that cause physical and emotional pain
  • Improved definition over life direction
  • Increased lightness, energy and vitality
  • Development of higher emotional and spiritual function
  • Enhanced functioning of the internal organs
  • Increased metabolism and digestion to promote weight loss and relieve digestive disorders

Here is what some students have said about working with Chris Fernie and the IIT:

“At sixty five feel alive and happy for the first time in my life.”
Joseph Gillick, Ojai, CA.

“It helped me to strengthen my lower back, lower my weight, and decrease my abdominal pain.”
Gabrielle Klein, San Rafael, CA

“This is the most profound creative endeavor I’ve ever undertaken, or even read about. I had no idea I could experience reality like this.”
Michael Young, Albuquerque, NM

“After years of search, studying and guessing, I was introduced to something greater than anything I had experienced before….my true self.”
Glenn Burkenkamp, Los Angeles, CA

“After three back surgeries, I was told to live with the pain.  Only Chris Fernie’s system brought long-term relief to my pain and brightened my outlook on life.”
Madeline Spring, Boulder, CO

If you are interested in private sessions or have specific health challenges that need special attention, private classes and therapeutic treatments are available. Sessions are given in Berkeley.